Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer fun!

So summer comes, and I completely fall apart! Sorry for not updating this a long time ago. We have all had so much fun already this summer. It started out with 18 hours of driving all the way to Vista, California to visit some of our favorite peole and see some of our favorite places. Thank you Dan and Lynn for welcoming us into your beautiful home. As Atticus said, "you have the perfect life...a cat, a dog, and a pool!

We also enjoyed seeing Shamu at Sea word...

and building some cool lego cars at legoland (thank you Aunt Lynn for the suggestion!)

Waiting for the Shamu show!

James... you are the most talked about cousin we have! Thank you for everything this summer. We look forward to the next time we are all together. The boys adore you ;)

Next it was off to the lake (Wallowa Lake) for some fun in the sun, fireworks, and a ranch wedding! We spent 8 days in Allison's lake home! It was absolute bliss. The firework show was one of the best I have ever seen. The full moon was unbelievable as it rose over Mt. Howard...

this picture doesn't do it justice!

Dan was so cool to take us all out on the boat to waterski several times over the week...

I liked this pic...I am getting better (at photography that is)

what a stud-he later got up on only one ski!

Cheese ball!

We hiked to 'Slick Rock'...

We ended the week with beautiful ranch wedding. Ally (cousin) married Daniel in a meadow under Mt. Joseph overlooking the valley. What a perfect place. It was a bit to walk in heels, but wow what a party. It all was amazing and fun!

That pretty much catches us up. Now we are home doing swim lessons, soccer camp, and many other park tours! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

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  1. What a wonderful summer, but remember there is still summer to be had! We still have a whole month before we have to start the routine again. That picture of Atticus in the boat with Matt behind him is wonderful!!! I also love the one of T in the boat, he is a stud muffin:) Love you and can't wait to see you!!!