Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here!

Found One!

Had to add these. I told them to look up so I could see their faces and the little ones both looked up:) How funny!

Some were harder than others...

Can't fool me...

"Can I pick it up"

Spring is officially here now that Easter has come and gone. Thank you so much to my wonderful sister Amanda for once again providing a perfect holiday feast. The bunny cake was as yummy as it was pretty to look at. The boys had so much fun hunting for eggs and all the regular festivities that have become tradition. It was so great seeing Noah get into the hunt this year. Those giant blue eyes are to die for! It is so fun to watch the boys get to play and do things together as cousins. That is completely wierd to say. We (the three of us) have always been the cousins. Next year we will have another cousin, Hannah or Wyatt? Happy Easter...Happy Spring!

Meeting the newest Japanese, French, Canadian ADORABLE member of our family

Sophia Yuki born January 7, 2009

We were so excited to have been surprised by Stephane and Naoko this weekend and their new bundle of joy. Sophia Yuki is just over 3 months old and incredibly beautiful. She has big dark beautiful eyes and inquisitively expressive eyebrows. She is a perfect blend of her beautiful Japanese mother and incredibly intelligent French Canadian father! We were sad to learn that they will be going back to Ottawa in June. It is incredibly important to live somewhere we feel safe and really enjoy so it easy to understand! Maybe we can get to Ottawa now! We will miss you all when you go! Yeah for Skype.