Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here it goes Mel.....

Well I promised my amazing friend I would have this up and running by spring break.  See what you do to me Melanie?  You aren't even 100 miles away and I am here blogging!!   You inspire me so much!!  It was so great to see you and Tony... and the kids, wow!  They are so completely incredible. I may not be good at this blogging thing, but if it gets me closer to you guys, I am going to try!

We are getting ready for yet another move.  We are looking forward to purging some unneeded things and starting afresh:)  I am so excited and overwhelmed with emotion to know Atticus will be going to school with me every day.  I am going to be a school-mom again.

Tennyson is enjoying preschool so much.  He is known as the "T-bug".  Everytime he sees a T on a paper or in a word, he tells me that it is his name...T-Bug!  I love the the 3's.  I miss Atticus being 3!  There is excitement and wonder if everything around us.  

Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday.  I am so blessed to have loved and been loved by such an incredible man.  I miss you and think of you everyday!

I promise to leave comments if you do!