Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New School Year

So September has come again. We all had a great first week of back to school. Atticus is so exceptionally well adjusted. All my fears of enrolling him in the 3rd school in 2 years did not matter to him. He was so excited that his new school is a dual immersion school and he will get to learn spanish. I am very excited for him. Having the awesome experience of being at the same school as he is made me see the amazing growth my first born has made. I can't beleive he is almost 8 and in the second grade. Where does time go? He has been quick to make new friends (not that I am surprised).

Some very excited and ready for school faces!

I was very grateful that Matt could walk them to school on his first day. Tennyson isn't going to go to school this year, but he is very proud of his "pick up his brother" responsibility and takes it very serious. When we ask him at dinner what his favorite part of the day is, he most often replies "picking up Atticus".
As you know I started a new year in a new school and a new grade. I enjoyed getting to know all of my 4 students. I have the largest of 4 2nd grade classes. I am excited to be working with my cooperating teacher, of 2 years ago when I was student teaching, again. My commute is much shorter and the school day hours are better and allow me to be home earlier. I do really miss all the friends I made in Canby. It is nice to know they are just a jump over the Willamette River.
I hope your September is off to a great start. I am thinking of all of you as Summer winds down and Fall begins. I will keep you posted.
All our love,
M, M, A, and T