Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July was jumpin'

Wow, July came and went it seems. Where does the time go? It started by trying to survive the heat wave with lots and lots of water. We had sprinkler fun with Grandma, Uncle Micah, and Noah...
Noah is the bravest!

Who goes in the sprinkler fully clothed? Oh yeah, my mom!

Sprinkler hair! Nice tan lines (hee hee)

Then we decided to go out to Aunt Jessie's and play in the pool with Noah and Penelope (she is the extra large horse....I mean dog in the pool)! It was so hilarious to watch her chase splashing water. She would make splash with her foot and then try and bite it. It was so funny. The boys got in with her and she would chase them in circles nipping at their rears.

"Yum Yum...you taste good!"

"Just checkin if you are alright"
Just horsin around!

The mercury rose above 98 degrees it was time to find water for me. I am such a wimp for heat. I am definitely an 80's girl. We found a perfect spot on the Columbia river where we swam and played in the sand. Sauvie Island is a great place to beat the heat.

Grandpa and Andy make great camels!

The score was T-3 Atticus-2.
T loved laying in the warm sand!
On the hottest day of the year this far, July 29th, little Hannah Grace Barnum was born at 8lbs 11oz. We got to keep Noah for the day!

Proud Daddy and Grandma Marlene

Can't you tell Noah is extatic about being at the hospital welcoming his new sister?

The 30th ended the month with a very bright spot. Mr. Aidan turned 8 and we decided to drive to the Tri-Cities on the 31st to help him celebrate. Atticus and Aidan are like old souls. It took very little time for them to get reaccquainted and be the best of buds. T discovered that Nadia was pretty stinkin cool too! I couldn't seperate them the entire time. I hope they can be life long friends too. It is so amazing to see a new friendships budding. Aidan and Atticus talked about being college roommates at WSU like their beautiful Mothers (if I don't say so myself, tee hee). Let's keep our fingers crossed Mel!

Best Buddies!...Future cougs!
See they were really attached at the hips. Poor Nadia. She was such a great hostess with the mostest! Thanks Nadia.

These are the looks I got when it was time to go. Talk about break your heart. Atticus would like to go live there now.

Now August is here and we are beginning to think about school and how neither one of us (Atticus or I) have read very much...oops! We have a family reunion to look forward to as well as this August marks 16 years of life together for my sweetie and I! That is half of my life for those of who don't remember how long ago that was :)
So until next time, we wish you all a wonderful rest of the summer! Keep in touch.


M, M, A, and T

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