Saturday, May 2, 2009

Education Disaster is My Misfortune

As you know, school districts all over the nation, particularly in Oregon, are facing a significant loss of state funding.  With the ongoing decline of state revenues, K-12 school districts are facing even greater reductions than predicted.  I knew that the situation was doom and gloom, but the eternal positivity I had, led me to think I would be spared.  I was very wrong.  Yesterday I received notice that I would be laid off after this school year.  This of course is devastating to me as I feel I have found my purpose and passion.  We also made the very personal decision to enroll Atticus in school in Canby as we could have only assumed I would spend many years teaching at Knight Elementary in Canby.  

Although these are going to be difficult days, and this layoff is extremely frightening and worrisome, I know that there is hope.  There is a slight chance I will be recalled.  If not I know that when the economy is back on it's feet, there will be a position for me somewhere.  So for now we will take each day as it comes.  I appreciate all the support and well wishes!  Knowing that I have friends and family like you, makes this horrible situation bearable!

I am looking forward to a summer with the family.  It will be great to be home with the boys.  If I don't have a teaching job by August, then I will substitute next year hoping that I will be able to supplement the income I will be missing.  I hope that perhaps we will get to see each and everyone of you this summer with all the festivities we have planned (wedding, reunion, vacation)!  See you then!

Love, Monique

These are some pretty fantastic first graders!


  1. Shorty,
    I can not put into words how proud i am of you. I have watched you all your life grow and learn. You worked so very hard and over came so many barriers to become the teacher you are today. These children were blessed to have you for their first grade teacher you have taught them so much that they will carry with them through out their whole lives. And it is the school district's loss having to lay you off but i know in my heart they will soon find a way to bring you back to work. I am sorry you have to go through yet another barrier but in your heart i know you know it will all come together again for you and in the mean time remember always that you are loved so very much and no one in the world is prouder of you than i am i love you very much and you will be back to doing what you love so much and do so well you are a great teacher so keep your faith and dont ever give up

  2. Thank you Mom! I know I am loved and supported. Thank you for always being there for me through those setbacks! I love you too very much!

  3. God only gives you what you can handle and you must be a very strong woman! California is going through the same thing. I thought I might loose my job as an special ed. aide but as of right now it looks like I am going to be OK. Maybe you could look into aiding, that way you could still have the benefits. I now that a sub makes more an hour(day) but sometimes the monthly pay check and the health benifits might be worth it. I do love aiding and I still I'm working with the students. Sometimes I even take over the classroom because my teacher(who is only 29) does not have a grasp on the subject matter and I do because of my experience of life (age). Hang in there. Enjoy the summer! Hopefully, they will hire you back as soon as possible. See you in July!


  4. Susie

    I too am very sorry to hear that you got laid off. I hope that you are recalled to the same school. Little Atticus will adjust to a new school should he have to. I know that if there is an opening out there you will be there to apply and be considered. You are a dedicated teacher and that is what kids need today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family that things turn out for the best.

    Aunt Mary