Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moved and Settled In!

Well I got the blog up and running but have failed to maintain it...Sorry:(

We are now into our new little townhouse in Beaverton and are getting used to all the changes. Mainly no yard, but we have been working very hard to find some great parks and space to play. It is so nice that Amanda and Micah (sister and brother-in-law) are so close with a small yard. The boys absolutely love going over and playing wii or doing some gardening on the spot.

Spring break is here and we have had such a wonderful time together as a family. We started the week off by touring many of the Goodwill stores in our area looking for reading books. Atticus found the most treasure. He loves reading nonfiction books particularly about sharks and other ocean creatures (maybe a marine biologist on the way :). He amazes me everyday how much he is growing both physically and intellectually. Matt and I often sit and say wow, is that Atticus making those connections. It makes me feel so proud, but very old :)

Tennyson is also growing like a giant weed. He also amazes me with his amazing personality. I have never seen someone so jam packed with emotion, intelligence, and laughter all at the same time. He is such an amazing little boy and has truly given me a completely different experience as a mother. I love him so much for the challenge, love, and fun I am posed with every waking hour with him.

FYI: our new address (yes, yet another one)
17484 SW Chris St
Beaverton, OR 97007
Same phone numbers
Matt: 503-260-6553
Monique: 503-880-2417

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