Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here it goes Mel.....

Well I promised my amazing friend I would have this up and running by spring break.  See what you do to me Melanie?  You aren't even 100 miles away and I am here blogging!!   You inspire me so much!!  It was so great to see you and Tony... and the kids, wow!  They are so completely incredible. I may not be good at this blogging thing, but if it gets me closer to you guys, I am going to try!

We are getting ready for yet another move.  We are looking forward to purging some unneeded things and starting afresh:)  I am so excited and overwhelmed with emotion to know Atticus will be going to school with me every day.  I am going to be a school-mom again.

Tennyson is enjoying preschool so much.  He is known as the "T-bug".  Everytime he sees a T on a paper or in a word, he tells me that it is his name...T-Bug!  I love the the 3's.  I miss Atticus being 3!  There is excitement and wonder if everything around us.  

Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday.  I am so blessed to have loved and been loved by such an incredible man.  I miss you and think of you everyday!

I promise to leave comments if you do!



  1. Of course I will leave comments!!! I am so happy you decided to do this because I realized on the way home how much I have missed you and I do hope this helps us stay connected better. I loved that our kids acted like old friends and how wonderful it felt to sit around chit-chatting like no time has past. It was nice to see your Mom, she looks so good! You and Matt are such wonderful friends to drop everything, especially when you are so busy, to spend time with us. I can't wait to hear how the move goes and how Atticus likes his new class:) Love you!

  2. very nice page, i hope you keep it up, it will keep us all informed of the goings on of those beautiful little boys of yours. whom we all love. thank you so much for sharing the pictures of you your mom

  3. very nice and thanks for the update

  4. well if those boys aren't as cute as they can be and looks like they had fun at Wild Life Safari. I am glad you are happy in your new home and hope all goes well for you and your family. Hopefully we see you soon. I am also happy for you in teaching and hope that it is renewed for next year if that is what you want missy. Love to you all.

    Aunt Mary