Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cabin memories it really August 1st today.  Where does time go, truly?  We had such a wonderful time at Wallowa Lake this year.  Every year our trip is spectacular, but this year was different.  We stayed at the cabin at the head of the lake with my Grandmother and Mom.  When we got there early Friday evening the cabin was filled to the rafters like it used to be in my memories as a child.  Jessica and her little family were there ending their vacation as well as my Aunt Mary and 2 of her handsome grandsons.  Our count was 7 adults, 8 kids, and 6 dogs all in a one bedroom cabin...what memories :)

As a young girl, I remember going to the cabin with so much excitement to see cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents!  We had to all sleep head to head on the medium sized deck under the stars.  How we all fit, I will never know.  I quickly learned as an adult, my body is way less forgiving then it was when I was 8 :0)  Sleeping on a hard deck in a sleeping bag is definitely in my past.

Look at that face        

As I began telling my own boys some of my stories being their age at the cabin, I was truly transported back into my memory remembering some wonderful things.  I remember so clearly my Grandfather and how integral he was and still is in my life.  He loved the cabin so much.  He would wake nearly every day before dawn and go fishing, coming back with a stringer of fish just barely big enough to keep with a content smile on his face.  Even fishing, he still managed to come home and fix a full service breakfast including bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and always cut-up cantaloupe.  I can't smell of look at a cantaloupe with out instantly thinking of him.   After a hearty breakfast, the open forest, as it was still a forest and not filled in with new homes when I was little, was ours to explore.  Off we would go not to return until someone rang the lunch bell. 

We were explorers, cowboys and indians, animals, mothers and children all before our time.  How wonderful that a place so glorious can bring out the best of imagination.  I love that I can still go back as a 33 year old mother (for real this time) and instantly be swept back to the summers of my youth.  I was so very blessed to have such a wonderful family~especially grandparents like the ones I have.  It makes me smile endlessly to know that my children will have some of that in their memory banks.  I am truly blessed to have a little slice of heaven in my life.

Here are pictures of our trip and stay at the cabin.  I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer thus far.  It isn't over yet, so enjoy and we will see you soon!

Love, Monique, Atticus and Tennyson :)

Uncle Walt taking the boys on a ride

I couldn't help but take 50 pictures.  What a gorgeous evening!  Not to mention Atticus' first ever solo ride.
T telling Sue one of his tales :)        

And Walt!
Atticus caught the rooster...
then T caught the rooster 

Cookouts were one of the many highlights down by the river...look at that juicy burger :)
T had his first solo ride as well!  First 2-wheel ride!
Getting the fire going

Don't forget the smores
And sparkling lake time!  What a water-bug.
Fishing with Dad
Some slow Floating 
Look at those mountains


  1. What memories! Thank you for posting and giving me a sneak peek. Your boys are so beautiful, just like their mama. That picture of you behind T on the 2-wheeler sent the tears streaming, I just love that look of pride and admiration on your face. Miss you and love you lots. See you SOON!

  2. so sweet! there's nothing life enjoying family and remembering all the good times. glad you guys have those memories and sounds like you had a great summer :o).